Multi-tube vacuum bottle

Multi-tube vacuum bottle


Factory direct 20ml Transparent frosted bottle with White cap for separate tube vacuum bottle

Introducing our 10ml+10ml Transparent Frosted Bottle with White Cap for Separate Tube Vacuum Bottle! This innovative and stylish tube vacuum bottle is perfect for storing and carrying your favorite beauty products on the go.

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LPB057 Pink and white double-tube plastic vacuum bottle

Introducing our Pink and White Double-Tube Plastic Vacuum Bottle, a must-have for skincare enthusiasts! This bottle features three key components: a transparent plastic bottle body, a container, and a dual-pump head. With its customizable design, it is perfect for storing and dispensing skincare serums. Keep your serums fresh and easily accessible with this stylish and practical vacuum bottle. Upgrade your skincare routine today!

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LPB003 Black Double Tube Plastic Vacuum Bottle

The Black Double Tube Plastic Vacuum Bottle is a sophisticated and practical packaging solution. With its sleek black exterior and high-quality transparent plastic construction, it offers both elegance and functionality. This bottle is designed to store and dispense two different substances simultaneously, thanks to its dual-chamber design. The airtight separation between the chambers ensures that the contents remain fresh and uncontaminated.

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LPB040 Transparent Plastic Double Tube Vacuum Bottle

The 40ml plastic double-chamber vacuum bottle is a versatile and stylish packaging solution that offers both functionality and visual appeal. Its transparent body allows for a clear view of the contents, creating a sense of transparency and purity. The sleek black cap adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design. This feature is particularly valuable for products like serums, lotions, creams, and other skincare formulations.

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LPB023 White Plastic Vacuum Bottle

The 50ml White Plastic Vacuum Bottle is a sleek and practical packaging solution that combines modern aesthetics with functionality. Its lustrous silver exterior exudes a sense of sophistication and innovation. Crafted from high-quality plastic, this bottle offers durability while remaining lightweight. The silver color not only enhances its visual appeal but also symbolizes a premium and contemporary design. With its robust construction, this bottle is suitable for storing and dispensing a wide range of products.

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