Deodorant sticks

Deodorant sticks


Orange Color 40g Skin Sense Deodorant Stick

Introducing our Orange color 40g Skin Sense Deodorant Stick! This innovative deodorant stick not only keeps you feeling fresh all day long but also comes in a convenient packaging that resembles a sunscreen stick or mask stick. Stay protected and smell great with this must-have beauty essential.

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White 25g Fragrant stick

Introducing our White 25g Fragrant stick, perfect for on-the-go freshness! This deodorant stick packaging is compact and convenient, making it ideal for your purse or gym bag. Infused with a delightful fragrance, this stick is also great for masking unwanted odors. Plus, the sunscreen stick packaging ensures easy application for sun protection on the fly. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells with this versatile and portable stick!

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70g PP Black Mask Stick

The 70g PP Black Mask Stick is a versatile skincare product that comes in convenient Deodorant Stick packaging, making it perfect for on-the-go use. This multi-functional stick can also be used as a sunscreen stick, providing protection from harmful UV rays. The Mask Stick packaging ensures easy application and mess-free storage. Treat your skin to the benefits of this all-in-one product today!

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70g Blue Sunscreen Stick

Introducing our 70g Blue Sunscreen Stick, perfect for on-the-go protection! This convenient stick packaging makes application a breeze, just like your favorite deodorant stick. Stay protected from harmful UV rays with ease and style.

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75g Black Silver Deodorant Stick

Introducing our innovative 75g Black Silver Deodorant Stick! This sleek and stylish deodorant stick comes in a convenient packaging that is also perfect for sunscreen application. Stay fresh and protected all day long with this must-have product.

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20g Multi-functional Colorful Cosmetic Stick

Introducing the 20g Multi-functional Colorful Cosmetic Stick, a versatile and convenient makeup essential. The streamlined packaging exudes modernity and functionality, making it perfect for travel or touch-ups throughout the day. The stick format allows for precise and mess-free application, making it ideal for the face, lips, and other sensitive areas.

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pp012 75g Large Capacity Sunscreen Stick

Introducing our 75g Large Capacity Sunscreen Stick, a must-have for sun protection enthusiasts. This versatile product offers customization options, allowing you to choose from a variety of vibrant colors. Crafted with high-quality polypropylene, it ensures durability and long-lasting use. With its large capacity, you can enjoy extended sun protection without worrying about frequent refills. Stay protected and stylish with our high-quality sunscreen stick.

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PP011 15g Sunscreen Stick

Our versatile 15g Sunscreen Stick is designed with customization in mind. This packaging solution is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to tailor the packaging to your brand’s unique style and identity. The customizable color options, combined with the sleek and practical design, ensure that your product not only provides essential protection but also makes a bold statement.Product Specification Product Number PP011 Product Name 15g Sunscreen Stick Capacity 15g, customized Material PP Logistics Solutions Sea Freight Land Transportation Air Cargo Customization Dispatch of customized products within 30 days Packaging Environmentally friendly cartons for sustainable practices Services OEM design Reasonable pricing Full production lines Strict quality control Customization Certificates FDA Certification, SGS Certification, ISO certification, RoHS Description of 15g Sunscreen Stick: Our 15g Sunscreen Stick, crafted from high-quality polypropylene, is a versatile solution designed to meet your specific needs. With a wide array of customizable color choices, you can create packaging that aligns perfectly with your brand’s image. With this versatile and practical packaging solution, you can offer your customers a product that not only meets their needs but also aligns with their personal style.Its compact size and convenient stick format allow for easy and mess-free application, providing convenience for your customers. Advantages of 15g Sunscreen Stick: Customization Options Reflecting Brand Identity: The availability of a variety of colors for the packaging provides businesses with the opportunity to customize and align the sunscreen stick with their brand identity. This not only enhances the product's visual appeal but also helps it stand out on the market, fostering brand recognition and loyalty among customers. On-the-Go Convenience with Mess-Free Application: The stick format is designed for easy and mess-free application, offering on-the-go convenience. This feature is particularly advantageous during outdoor activities or busy mornings when quick and hassle-free sun protection is essential. Users can effortlessly apply the sunscreen without the need for additional tools, enhancing the overall user experience. Versatile Usage for Protection and Freshness: The sunscreen stick's adaptability to various purposes makes it a versatile product. Beyond sun protection, it also offers a refreshing quality to customers. This versatility broadens the appeal of the product, making it suitable for different use cases and catering to a diverse range of customer needs. Precise Application for Effective Use: The stick design allows for precise and targeted application. This ensures that the sunscreen is applied where needed, promoting effective use and preventing unnecessary waste. Users can control the application, applying the product sparingly and efficiently for optimal results. Durable Material for Product Integrity: Crafted from lightweight and durable PP (polypropylene), the sunscreen stick is resistant to moisture. This durability ensures the integrity of the product, even when exposed to varying environmental conditions. Customers can rely on the product to maintain its quality over time, contributing to a positive and trustworthy brand perception. Travel-Friendly Essential: The compact size and mess-free application make the 15g Sunscreen Stick a travel essential. Customers can easily carry it in their bags or pockets, allowing them to stay protected and fresh while on the move. This travel-friendly design enhances the product's practicality, making it a convenient solution for those who prioritize sun protection during their travels or daily commutes.

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PP010 12.5g Sunscreen Stick

Introducing our sun protection essential, the 12.5g Sunscreen Stick, packaged in a sleek and practical design. This sunblock stick is available in two sophisticated, solid colors: vibrant red and contemporary slate gray. The combination of these colors and the streamlined packaging exudes modernity and functionality, making it a must-have for your outdoor adventures.

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