Customised 15ml Cosmetic Yellow Mini Vacuum Lotion Bottle

Customised 15ml Cosmetic Yellow Mini Vacuum Lotion Bottle

Introducing our PP airless bottle for lotion cosmetic skincare packaging pump bottle custom 15ml yellow vacuum lotion bottle cosmetic mini bottle AS/PP! This sleek and stylish bottle is perfect for storing and dispensing your favorite skincare lotions and creams. The airless pump design helps to preserve the integrity of your products by preventing air exposure and contamination. The vibrant yellow color adds a pop of color to your vanity or bathroom shelf. This compact 15ml size is perfect for travel or on-the-go touch-ups. Upgrade your skincare routine with our high-quality and customizable yellow vacuum lotion bottle today!

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Product Name

Yellow vacuum lotion bottle


15ml customized



Logistics Solutions

Sea Freight

Land Transportation

Air Cargo


Dispatch of customized products within 30 days


Environmentally friendly cartons for sustainable practices


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Full production lines

Strict quality control



FDA Certification, SGS Certification, ISO certification, RoHS

Description of Yellow vacuum lotion bottle :

The yellow vacuum lotion bottle is a stunning addition to any skincare collection, with its vibrant color adding a pop of brightness to your beauty routine.
The sleek and modern design of the bottle enhances its visual appeal, making it a stylish and attractive choice for storing your lotions and creams.

Advantages of  Yellow vacuum lotion bottle :


Visual Appeal: . The sleek and modern design of the bottle enhances its visual appeal, making it a stylish and attractive choice for storing your lotions and creams. 


Product Protection: When it comes to product protection, the vacuum technology employed in this bottle ensures that your lotion remains fresh and potent for longer periods. By removing air from the bottle, the vacuum feature prevents oxidation and contamination, preserving the efficacy of the product and ensuring that it maintains its quality over time. 


Versatility: Available in customizable sizes ranging from 15ml to 100ml, these bottles are versatile and suitable for a wide range of products. They can accommodate various skincare formulations, lotions, serums, and creams.


Airtight Seal: The airtight seal of the bottle guarantees that your lotion is securely stored, preventing leaks and spills. This feature not only helps to avoid wastage and mess but also safeguards the product's integrity, ensuring that it remains in top condition. With the reliable airtight seal, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lotion is well-protected and preserved in the yellow vacuum bottle. 


Customizable Options: Yellow vacuum lotion bottle offer customization options in terms of size, allowing businesses to choose the perfect capacity for their specific product needs. This flexibility makes them suitable for both small and large-scale production.


Overall, the Yellow vacuum lotion bottle offer visual appeal, product protection, versatility, an airtight seal, and customizable options. These advantages make them an excellent choice for packaging various skincare and cosmetic products, ensuring the integrity and quality of the contents.

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